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Friday, October 29, 2010

Horse Vacation in Ireland

Gypsy Vanner horse pulling a modern day gypsy wagon.
    Have you ever dreamed of a horse riding vacation In Europe or Asia?  Over the years I've had friends who took riding vacations in England, Ireland, Spain, Mongolia and Africa (one I never would have thought of) all of whom think it was one of the most exciting and wonderful things they have ever done. Some return to the same place repeatedly, even riding the same horse. Others try several different trips.  Recently Sally Quillen returned from a horse trip in Ireland and has graciously allowed me to post some pictures on my website.  If looking at these pictures doesn't make you want to take the same trip, nothing will.
     Does anyone else (Robin, Mary, Caroline) have pictures of a riding trip they've taken that they'd allow me to post?  We'd all love to see them and maybe seeing what you experienced will help those of us who think that sounds like a great idea for someone else realize such a trip is within our reach.  There are many horse vacation facilities in Ireland.  Sally's trip was with An Sibin Riding Center which can be seen at
     To see more pictures from Sally's trip check out the Horse Riding Vacation Gallery.


  1. I love going on vacation, I have a trip to Asia this month. Thanks.

  2. I just saw this today. I hope you had a wonderful trip.

  3. If looking at these pictures doesn't make you want to take the same trip, nothing racing

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