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Monday, October 11, 2010

Winter Horse Blankets

     Winter horse blankets are in stock.  We're carrying the Shires brand from England which are very well constructed and reasonably priced.  We have two weights:  330 gram which Shires recommends for horses that will not be clipped for the winter and 440 gram which Shires recommends for horses that will be body clipped or need extra warmth for another reason.  These are just suggestions.  You'll have your own opinion about which weight will work best for your horse.  The blankets also have different denier counts.  And what does that mean, exactly?

     Like the thread count for fine linen, denier refers to the tightness of the weave of the outer shell of the blanket.  The higher the denier count, the tighter the weave and the more wind and water resistant the fabric.  All turnout blankets are also coated with a waterproofer, but time, the elements and washing will cause it to wear off.  The second consideration is the weight of the blanket's fill.  The higher the weight, the warmer the blanket.

     We have in stock the Stormbreaker and the Stormcheeta.  The Stormbreaker has a Shiretex 600 denier outer shell and 330 gram fill.  It comes in black windowpane plaid.  The Stormcheeta has a Shiretex 2000 demier outer shell and 400 gram fill.  It comes in navy or poppy red(!).  Both have an optional matching neck rug available.

     If you would like to see a chart and sizing instructions go to

     We have all of the available sizes stocked and can still order from the company if we run out.

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