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Monday, December 27, 2010

Emerald Valley Natural Health Products Come to Barn Dogs

      We have had many requests for Emerald Valley products, particularly Speedi-Beet and Formula-4-Feet.  These supplements were developed in Great Britain by the Equi-Life company and are distributed by Emerald Valley Natural Health in New Hampshire.  They are approved by the Laminitis Trust and are especially beneficial for horses with Cushings disease, laminitis prone horses and horses with metabolic imbalances.  To date the major drawback for people in New Mexico who wish to use these products is the astronomical shipping cost (up to $60.00 for a 44 lb. bag of Speedi-Beet which costs $38.95 on its own).  The fact that people here buy it anyway is a testament to its worth.

     Barn Dogs now carries all of the Emerald Valley distributed supplements at their retail cost plus tax (nothing added for shipping).  We have ample supplies of Speedi-Beet, Formula-4-Feet in both 15 lb. and 44 lb. sacks as well as Beet Treats and Beet Mashes.  We're especially excited about Beet Treats.  These are low sugar, low carbohydrate treats that just about any horse can eat.  Our mini is ecstatic.  For the record our Welsh-Thoroughbred cross and 2 minis and the Missouri Fox Trotter across the street have all tried the Speedi-Beet and the Beet Treats and thoroughly enjoyed them.  For more information see  and  Barn Dogs stocks the following Emerald Valley  items:

Excellent Fiber Source

     Speedi-Beet is a unique combination of high digestible fiber and low starch and is 95% sugar free.  It is an ideal source of fiber for horses prone to laminitis and is a Laminitis Trust approved feed.  It can be prepared and ready to feed in 10 minutes as opposed to other beet pulp products which must be soaked for up to 24 hours prior to feeding.  Speedi-Beet comes in two sizes:
15 lbs. @ $15.95 and 40 lbs. @ $38.95.

 SavvyMash has been designed as both a treat and a sound, high fiber meal containing an exceptional range of trace elements, antioxidants, protein, fatty acids and salts, all important to the nutritional quality of the diet and for optimum health.  With less than 5% starch and sugar combined, Emerald Valley has “taken the bran out of the mash” and structured SavvyMash to give a balanced treat for any horse, especially for the “easy keeper”.  As a treat, winter warmer or simply as part of a low sugar, low starch diet, SavvyMash will fit neatly into any dietary regime to complement any feeding program. 
13 Oz. @ $6.95

Healthy Hoof and Horn

Horse Hoof Supplement

Developed by Robert Eustace, FRCVS, Director of The Laminitis Clinic, Formula 4 Feet is recognized as one of the leading hoof supplements on the market today. It has gained this prestigious position by consistently providing a unique balance of nutrients in a form horses love to eat. Calcium, biotion, methionine, MSM, copper, two forms of zinc, phospholipids, lycine, cystine, inositol and Vitamins C all contribute to its effectiveness. The ingredients in Formula 4 Feet provide essential nutritional support for healthy metabolic function. Chromium, vanadium, niacin, five antioxidants, arginine and omega 3 fatty acids are all essential.  By providing over 65 micronutrients, Formula 4 Feet contain the essentials for excellent overall health from non-GM, Vegetarian Society approved ingredients.

15 lb. @ $89.95 and 44 lb. @205.95.

     We are able to ship these Formula-4-Feet, Speedi-Beet, Savvy Mash, and Beet Treats to customers in Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Texas at greatly reduced shipping costs.  To order Emerald Valley supplements or to see more items for sale please visit our online store at

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