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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Shires Dog Blankets

Skipper Lapayowker considers trail
riding in his Shires dog blanket.

Shires Equestrian, which makes the popular Stormbreaker and Stormcheeta horse blankets also makes a very nice blanket for dogs.  The Typhoon is lightweight with a waterproof shell and a short pile fleece lining.  It has a velcro strap which fastens around the dogs chest and another which fastens around the girth.  It also has  reflective binding for safety.  The Typhoon keeps all of the Barn Dogs we know warm, dry and comfortable.

Skipper models his new Shires dog blanket.

Daisy Hurtig relaxes in her new coat.

Daisy's dog blanket complements her beautiful blue eye.

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  1. Dog blanklets are such a cute idea but tehn I feel there should be a blanket designed for all types of pet animals such as a cat, a goat, acow and also a parrot so that tehy do not feel cold.