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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Among Wild Horses

Placitas, NM Mare and Foal, Lynne Pomeranz
  Lynne Pomeranz has spent years among the wild horses of New Mexico and Wyoming.  Her photographs adorn the pages of books and magazines and the walls of galleries and homes. Her images of the wild horses of Placitas, NM, the Cimarron Sky-Dog Reserve in Watrous, NM, the Jicarilla Wild Horse Territory outside of Bloomfield, NM and the Pryor Mountain mustangs of Wyoming are not only artistically pleasing they show rare insight into the personalities and relationships of the wild horses whose lives she documents.
Placitas, NM Herd Stallion, Lynne Pomeranz.
     In addition to her art, Lynne offers workshops in which she takes groups of up to 6 people among the wild horses and teaches them how to safely and unobtrusively photograph them.  She offers 1, 3 and 4 day workshops among the New Mexico wild horses.  For more information please visit and  To learn more about the wild horses in Placitas, NM please visit
Wild Friends, Lynne Pomeranz

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