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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Spring Grooming Tools

I Love My Horse halter.  Pink, Purple,
Royal  Blue, Red or Black.   $17.95
     There is more in the air than juniper pollen these days.  It's impossible to unblanket or even touch a horse in Santa Fe without becoming covered in or even inhaling horse hair.  It's everywhere.  There are tufts on the doorjambs of the stalls, on any splinters on the stall walls, in flattened places in the paddocks where itchy horses have rolled to scratch their backs (what we used to call "Hans wallers"), not to mention on our clothes and in our hair and eyes.  One of my prize possessions is a finch nest I found the fall after my Hans passed away with his tail hairs woven into its structure and lined with his soft winter coat.  At least 3 nestings of babies were cuddled in his hair.
     That said, how can we get it off our horses and blown to our neighbors' property as quickly and efficiently as possible?  
Slick 'N Easy fiberglass grooming block.  $4.95

     There are many products on the market to aid in the removal of winter coats: everything from saw-toothed shedding blades to vacuum groomers.  Most of these (though not the vacuum groomer) can be found at Barn Dogs.  One of our favorites is the "Slick 'N Easy" grooming block.   This is a fiberglass block that seems to just wipe the hair away while polishing the coat that remains.  It's also fantastic for wiping the hair off the undersides of blankets and saddle pads.

Equine Scratcher from Shires Equestrian   $39.95
    Another favorite is the Equine Scratcher from Shires Equestrian.   This is a weather resistant sheet of hard plastic with "teeth" which can be mounted either on a flat wall or fence or on a curved post, giving your horse a safe place to scratch himself.  We needed 2 so we could place one low enough for the minis.  

     Barn Dogs also carries clippers, replacement clipper blades, curries, brushes, shampoos and conditioners.


  1. I need a replacement for my clipper blades. Are you going to feature some dog grooming tools too?