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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hand Tied Rope Halters by Santa Fe Horsemanship Supply

     Santa Fe abounds with artists and artisans and as a result we have access here to items that aren't available in many other areas.  The hand tied rope halters by Santa Fe Horsemanship Supply are a case in point.  These halters are designed and made by horsepeople who make them, use them and know what works.  They are soft, supple and absolutely the best.  They are made from 1/4" double braid polyester, tied with double overhand knots with a fiador knot under the chin.  The ends are hand spliced and fused.  There are no metal pieces on these halters!  They come in Arab/cob, horse and warmblood size and can be custom sized for any horse (our two minis each have one).  They are available in black, blue, red, and golden tan and cost $19.95.