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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cute Horse and Dog Pictures

      These are pictures of Jesse James, a Fell pony from Santa Fe, NM, enjoying the special present his mom bought him.  His sister Luna looks on with resignation.  The second set is of Molly's (very) new little friend.

I can't believe you bought this for me!
 It's just what I've always wanted!!

Come on Luna.  It's fun!
OK. Fine.  More for me.


"Wanna play?"  "No."
"Are you sure?"  "Yes."

"Would you ever consider just
laying down for awhile?"

"Sure I would.  See?  I'm still cute
though.  I can't help it."

"Do these boots make my
body look miniscule?"

Father's Day Special

     Sunday, June 19 is Father's Day.   Buy any pair of shorts, jeans or pants and choose any shirt for 1/2 price.  We have tee shirts, polo shirts, chambray shirts, long sleeved cotton solids and plaids and long and short sleeved cotton solids.  There is sure to be something your dad would love.

A Summer Getaway For You and Your Horse

     Santa Fe is parched and dry this year.  We're worried about the drought, we're worried about fires and taking a trail ride in hot wind can be just plain miserable.  When a friend called to enthuse about riding in cool meadows, spotting elk and porcupine and riding through creeks and streams I was very envious.  Then I discovered that this paradise is just 2 hours from Santa Fe.
     Holly Burgess-Wolosin & Ken Wolosin have created a dog and horse friendly retreat on their 160 acre ranch near the Carson National Forest.  This is what Holly has to say about their property:

     Hi everyone!  My name is Holly Burgess and I run .  We are NOT located in Taos, we are in the small community of Tres Piedras, 30 minutes Northwest of Taos and 2 hours from Santa Fe.  The Carson National Forest is our backyard!!  I invite you to go to our website and check out our small adobe houses (2) each with horse accommodations.  Everyone can just ride out the back gate and hit the trails!!!  I love showing people the trails and it is my excuse to get my mules out often!  The site shows you the houses and our 160 acre ranch with log cabin and 3 LQT sites.  You will find my calendar on the rates page to see what is available and when or you can just give me a call and we can chat about the riding here and what is open!

Happy Trails!!!            575-758-3628  or 575-758-8880.
     Their website is beautifully done and the pictures make one want to hitch up the trailer and go.  According to my friend the accommodations for both horse and rider are safe, comfortable and well-cared for and the entire experience lives up to the highest expectations - and it's only 2 hours from Santa Fe!

Monday, June 13, 2011

You Can Help a Santa Fe Veteran Compete in the NSBA World Championship Horse Show!

Children interacting with the Listening Horse staff
and therapy horses at La Tienda Wild West Day.
    Among the most popular attractions at La Tienda's Wild West Day were the free horse rides provided by Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding.  Children were able to pet, learn about and ride the therapy horses while their parents learned about the Listening Horse program.  Listening Horse is a NARHA (North America Riding for the Handicapped Association) certified therapeutic riding program and they run the only NARHA sanctioned and certified Horses for Heroes therapeutic riding program for military veterans in Santa Fe.
The Listening Horse Therapeutic Riding booth drew a crowd
at Wild West Day as parents and children learned about Promise
 and Zorro, two very special therapy horses.

     As such they are honored to be invited to participate in the sixth annual NSBA World Championship Show located in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Built Ford Tough Livestock Complex, a state-of-the-art facility located at the Tulsa Expo Square.  Listening Horse will be sending 3 veterans, their horses and trainers to the show.  It's an honor, but even cutting every corner it will be an expensive trip.  To help pay for everyone's rooms, meals and travel expenses Listening Horse is sponsoring a raffle on August 13, 2011.  Prizes include a flat screen tv, Lensic tickets, gift cards to local businesses, dinners at local restaurants and many more items.  One ticket costs $5.00 and for $10.00 you can purchase three chances to win.

     You can purchase raffle tickets at Barn Dogs or through Listening Horse.  To purchase tickets or to make a donation either come in to Barn Dogs or visit  To find out more about the NSBA World Championship Show visit

     This is a wonderful opportunity to support our local heroes and to give them the chance to demonstrate what they have learned through the Listening Horse NARHA Horses for Heroes program.

Thursday, June 9, 2011

International Helmet Awareness Day June 11th 2011

      Courtney King Dye is an international dressage trainer and competitor based out of New York in the summer and Florida in the winter.  On March 3, 2010 the horse Courtney  was riding tripped and fell. Courtney was not wearing a helmet and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.  She spent 4 weeks in a coma and 3 months doing inpatient rehabilitation re-learning how to walk and talk. Courtney continues to do outpatient therapy with the ultimate goal of riding competitively again.

     In July 2010 the first National Helmet Awareness Day was organized in her honor.  Over 300 retailers in the USA and 8 retailers internationally offered discounts on helmets from 8 different manufacturers.  Riders4Helmets will be hosting the first annual International Helmet Awareness Day on June 11, 2011.  It is anticipated that over 500 retailers globally will participate this year.

     Barn Dogs is offering a 15% discount on any helmet purchased or ordered on June 11.  We carry Troxel and International helmets.  Ordered helmets take approximately 10 days to arrive.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Latest EHV-1 Update

     The number of new cases of EHV-1 since May 26 is very small and all new cases occurred in barns which were quarantined with sick horses at the time.  The total number of confirmed cases in all of the western United States is 84 with 12 deaths.

      In New Mexico the Livestock Board is encouraging the resumption of equine events and urging event organizers to implement plans to minimize potential disease exposure.  Horse owners who attend events should implement the following practices:

1.  Decrease horses direct (nose to nose) contact with other horses.
2.  Do not share feed, water and equipment (water buckets, feeders, bits, brushes and sponges).
3.  Clean and disinfect equipment, tack and boots prior to leaving the event.
4.  Isolate any new animals or animals returning home for a minimum of 3 weeks.
5.  Wash hands following touching or working with other people's horses.
6.  While at the show, monitor horses's temperature twice daily; if over 102 degrees fahrenheit, contact        
      event veterinarian.
7.  Clean and disinfect horse trailer.
8.  Shower and change clothes prior to handling horses that remained at home.

     It appears that the EHV-1 (which can become EHM in some horses) is now established in the western United States horse population.  Horse owners need to take precautions in order to  prevent the spread of EHV-1 whenever  encountering horses which come from outside their own barn, whether these horses are new horses entering the barn, horses encountered at events or horses encountered on trail.

     The New Mexico Livestock Board has up-to-date reports and information about EHV-1.