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Thursday, June 9, 2011

International Helmet Awareness Day June 11th 2011

      Courtney King Dye is an international dressage trainer and competitor based out of New York in the summer and Florida in the winter.  On March 3, 2010 the horse Courtney  was riding tripped and fell. Courtney was not wearing a helmet and suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury.  She spent 4 weeks in a coma and 3 months doing inpatient rehabilitation re-learning how to walk and talk. Courtney continues to do outpatient therapy with the ultimate goal of riding competitively again.

     In July 2010 the first National Helmet Awareness Day was organized in her honor.  Over 300 retailers in the USA and 8 retailers internationally offered discounts on helmets from 8 different manufacturers.  Riders4Helmets will be hosting the first annual International Helmet Awareness Day on June 11, 2011.  It is anticipated that over 500 retailers globally will participate this year.

     Barn Dogs is offering a 15% discount on any helmet purchased or ordered on June 11.  We carry Troxel and International helmets.  Ordered helmets take approximately 10 days to arrive.


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