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Friday, June 3, 2011

Latest EHV-1 Update

     The number of new cases of EHV-1 since May 26 is very small and all new cases occurred in barns which were quarantined with sick horses at the time.  The total number of confirmed cases in all of the western United States is 84 with 12 deaths.

      In New Mexico the Livestock Board is encouraging the resumption of equine events and urging event organizers to implement plans to minimize potential disease exposure.  Horse owners who attend events should implement the following practices:

1.  Decrease horses direct (nose to nose) contact with other horses.
2.  Do not share feed, water and equipment (water buckets, feeders, bits, brushes and sponges).
3.  Clean and disinfect equipment, tack and boots prior to leaving the event.
4.  Isolate any new animals or animals returning home for a minimum of 3 weeks.
5.  Wash hands following touching or working with other people's horses.
6.  While at the show, monitor horses's temperature twice daily; if over 102 degrees fahrenheit, contact        
      event veterinarian.
7.  Clean and disinfect horse trailer.
8.  Shower and change clothes prior to handling horses that remained at home.

     It appears that the EHV-1 (which can become EHM in some horses) is now established in the western United States horse population.  Horse owners need to take precautions in order to  prevent the spread of EHV-1 whenever  encountering horses which come from outside their own barn, whether these horses are new horses entering the barn, horses encountered at events or horses encountered on trail.

     The New Mexico Livestock Board has up-to-date reports and information about EHV-1.

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