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Monday, July 11, 2011

Horse Blanket Washing and Repair

Horse blanket wash and repair update:  Shelly will no longer pick up blankets for wash and repair at Barn Dogs - it is just too far for her to come regularly.  Blankets and saddle pads can still be dropped off for wash and repair at Desert Wind Saddlery on Airport Road on the other side of town.  Sorry.  We tried!
The Blanket Lady is back!  Shelly Gibbs is taking over the horse blanket cleaning and repair business left behind by Carol Helms when she moved to California.  Shelly's business will provide the same services for roughly the same prices .  You may leave your blankets, in a plastic trash bag, at Barn Dogs with instructions for cleaning and/or repair and Shelly will  pick them up, service them and return them to Barn Dogs where you may pick them up again.  Since she lives on the other side of town, Shelly would rather pick up several blankets at a time so if you are bringing a blanket or blankets maybe some of your friends or other people at your barn would like to send theirs at the same time.
      Shelly will also clean and repair wool saddle blankets.  If you have questions about pricing or services you can contact Shelly at



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