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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Philippe Karl Ecole de Légèreté in Santa Fe

Philippe Karl, renowned in Europe as Ecuyer at the prestigious Cadre Noir in Samaur, France and as a modern day French classical dressage master, has granted authority to two US organizations to initiate and manage separate Ecole de Légèreté (School of Lightness) teachers' courses on his behalf.  Located in Santa Fe, NM and Shippensburg, PA the US Ecole de Légèreré are accepting rider applications until August 2012 with a projected launch date of April 2013.

Eight riding instructors will be accepted into each course, and full-course auditors are invited to participate.  Single-pass spectators are welcome to attend on a per series basis.

At the end of three years, the riders will present their accomplishments during final examinations to Mr. Karl who will, in turn, determine the level of achievement and whether participants may go on to teach as representatives of his Ecole de Légèreré.  Full course auditors will receive a certificate of attendance.

For more information, including application requirements, please visit , or

Monday, February 6, 2012

Equine Retirement Program

Two Contented Retirees

      How do we care for the horses who have been our companions and partners when they begin to age and have special requirements?  This is a problem for many horse owners.  When a horse is able to be ridden regularly living in a paddock during it's off time is no hardship, but there comes a time when many aging horses can no longer be ridden.  Many have health issues that require special feeding and medication regimens.  How do we explain to them that they have to stand in a paddock all day while their friends go to work or on trail because we have jobs and a limited amount of time and no space for a retirement pasture?

     Goose Downs Farm in Galisteo has an answer.  For 20 years they have provided quality retirement conditions for their aging competition horses (it's an absolutely beautiful property.  I'd love to retire there!).  This past year several of their retired horses, who had reached age 30 and above, passed on.  They have the experience, they have the equipment and they have the space to care for up to 10 horses.  You can find more information on their web site at or by calling Tom or Jeffray at (505) 466-8771.

     This might just be a dream come true for you and your aging friend.